Jake Daniels

Professional footballer, active member of the EFL Championship, committed to LGBTQ+ rights

"I'm ready to come out and be myself"

Who is he? What does he do?

Jake Daniels, born January 8, 2005, is an English professional footballer who currently plays as an attacking player for Bradford Park Avenue on loan from Blackpool. He spent his youth career at Blackpool and made a name for himself there.

What is his personal experience of a life crisis and how did he overcome it?

Jake made headlines in 2022 when he became one of the first active professional footballers to come out publicly about his homosexuality. He described this step as a step into the unknown, but one that he took with conviction in order to live authentically. The positive reaction to his announcement was uplifting for him and a confirmation that he had taken the right step at the right time.

What is his inspiration?

Jake was inspired by other athletes such as Josh Cavallo and the water jumper Tom Daley, who have also spoken publicly about their sexual orientation. The support from his club and his family also gave him the strength to take this important step.

Even as a child, he was under the misconception that gay people couldn’t play soccer, which made him hope to become heterosexual after all. Today, he wants to help young footballers to create more normality and be open.

Where is his favorite place in the world and why? What does he believe in?​

Jake is particularly drawn to soccer pitches, beaches and the sea. For him, these places symbolize freedom and the opportunity to be yourself, which is directly related to his love of soccer and enjoyment of the outdoors.

What was a special moment in his life and what did he experience with his partner?

A standout moment in Jakes life was the tremendous support he received after coming out, with messages from over 20,000 people. The message from Mark, who later became his partner, was particularly touching.

This initial contact via social media led to further conversations and eventually to a relationship that has been both supportive and joyful for Jake. Despite discussions about the age difference between them, Jake emphasizes the importance of this relationship for his personal happiness and stability.