A world where people celebrate and live diversity

I am ok, you are ok – diversity is something wonderful!

We want to show how diversity with all its differences and similarities is fun – to grow ourselves and with each other.

Minor and major heroes with their crises as well as their strategies for freedom, self-determination and happiness.

Diversero is the global community for diversity – your refueling station for strength, energy and courage!


It’s like olives – you can hate Brussels sprouts as a child because they were so bitter, only to love them later. Cows drink milk and it’s always gray in November.

It’s the same with diversity, sometimes what we think is true, but often it’s not. Sometimes it makes nervous, but nevertheless it is something wonderful.

Sports Free

With “Sports Free”, we are campaigning for the visibility and acceptance of queer athletes in professional sport. We organise a group coming out and call on society to reflect on the values of inclusion.

From May 17, 2024, the 17th of every month will be celebrated worldwide as “Sports Free Day”. In doing so, we want to raise awareness of the challenges faced by queer athletes and support them.

Become Diversero

Diversity + Hero = Diversero. So many moving life stories of well-known personalities – and what is your story?

Every story that is told has value. Someone in this world will grow and take courage or just be a little happier because of it.