We are so diverse … Old white men do diversity? Yes, we often have to smile about it too 😉

Diversity starts and ends in the head and in the heart and a lot is not visible, which is very different after all. Marcus and Sven and everyone else around them hardly understand their Thuringian and Bavarian dialect. One hates Brussels sprouts as a child and loves olives as an adult.

Different opinions, preferences, passions, hobbies, family relationships have to be told to become audible. Appearances are deceiving, what looks the same is not the same. The appearance may be different, but the differences nevertheless great and that is good, because only through this there are commonalities.

Our Founding Team

Marcus Urban


I hated Brussels sprouts as a kid because they were so bitter, and now I love them. I am known as the second outed professional soccer player in the entire history of soccer. Today, I coach, do workshops, give speeches and am the executive director of the Association for Diversity in Sport and Society – the umbrella organization of Diversero.

My favorite moment in coaching is when it gets quiet and I realize that someone is just changing their thinking and feeling. As a child and teenager, I was abandoned by the adults around me with my problems. With Diversero I want to offer children and all people around the world a place where they can inspire and share and through which they don’t feel quite so alone.


Even as a child, I liked Brussels sprouts the way my mother prepared them. Today, I still love them – just the little leaves blanched al dente or sloppy, like in those days.

As a generalist and digital native, I’ve always been surrounded by diversity and wouldn’t want to miss it, as it’s an immense enrichment to every part of life. The possibility of a life characterized by meaningfulness, fulfillment, positive values and interconnectedness with everything around us should be open to everyone.

And with Diversero I would like to do my part – for my kids, their friends and everyone else around us.

André Lange

Sven Ullmann


I always wanted to be a superhero. Like Batman, Superman or Spiderman. And I really tried very hard as a kid. But somehow I couldn’t activate my laser eyes. Today I know that you don’t need a cape to be a hero. It’s my actions that can change the world.

Sport and technology shape my world. I did gymnastics, played higher level handball, martial arts and today skateboarding and snowboarding are still my passion. I studied sports science, used to be a player consultant and today I am the successful founder of a media company.

Exclusion and discrimination are an absolute no-go for me. I demand and promote social courage and Diversero is my stake that I want to leave behind; as a role model for my son and for the rest of the world.