Hey, feel free to decide for yourself how attractive and realistic our goals are for you. However … We want to change the world. Our goals are based on freedom, self-determination and happiness for people and with whom and what they live.

First global diversity NGO

We feel it is time to build an organization that addresses and values people’s differences and similarities – diversity.

Portraits of well-known personalities and their stories - their experiences as well as recipes for success

It all started with the book “Catching Hate Offside”, in which Marcus – one of our founders – is listed as a leading campaigner against homophobia in football worldwide.

The book is a tribute to the great stars who have fought back with a selection of football players, managers, referees, directors and renowned journalists.

We expand this with the stories of other personalities from other fields such as art, music or culture.

Community, with the opportunity for everyone to tell their own story and learn from each other

Every story that is told has value. Many do not have the courage or space to talk and share about fears, concerns and experiences. Someone in this world will grow and take courage or just be a little more content as a result.

It’s about being able to unburden, liberate and recharge.

Campaigning for freedom, self-determination, and happiness

Why should queer professional athletes continue to hide? Is our handling of money as good as it is? Does a school subject like “happiness” or “empathy” make sense?

Our actions and projects are diverse and address precisely such topics – from documentaries to the production of video clips as well as information material in all world languages.

For example, with our documentary “Versteckspiel” we organize a global group coming out in professional sports / professional football.

Educational work - personal and remote

Many do not know how to deal with differences. There are conditions and thoughts that prevent us humans from living together successfully. We focus on the key issues associated with this in our educational work.

We give people self-confidence, orientation as well as practical help and at our academy we teach trainers how to pass on fun and happiness.

Diversity partner ecosystem with other organizations

A community with many people worldwide needs local people and organizations. That’s why we want to connect people and organizations and expand this network.