Credit: Dirk Elbrächter

Dirk Elbrächter

Head of Content Management at TSG Hoffenheim

"Breaking the circle of hiding, of concealment"

Who is he? What does he do?

Dirk Elbrächter, born on November 11, 1972 in Düsseldorf, is a German television presenter who became known as the presenter of the knowledge magazine “Planet Wissen” and as a field reporter for Premiere/Sky. He has worked in the media department of Bundesliga soccer club TSG Hoffenheim since 2022, initially as coordinator and since October 2023 as Head of Content Management. In this role, he is responsible for the strategic direction and implementation of the club’s content production.

What is his experience of a life crisis? How did he overcome it?

Dirk experienced a significant personal crisis in connection with his coming out after 15 years in a relationship with his partner. He describes how he felt hidden for a long time and felt the need to be authentic. The positive support from colleagues and the management at TSG Hoffenheim gave him the courage to be open about his homosexuality. This experience has inspired him to be a point of contact for others in similar situations.

What is his inspiration?

Inspired by his own experience and the support he has received, Dirk wants to help create a more open and inclusive environment. His commitment is evident in his desire to overcome prejudice and promote a culture of acceptance where everyone can be open.

Where is his favorite place and why? What does he believe in?

Places where openness and support are practiced are particularly close to Dirk’s heart. He believes in the importance of authenticity and support in communities, be it in the workplace or in society.

What was a special moment in his life and what did he experience with his partner?

A special moment in Dirk’s life was coming out after 15 years together with his partner. This decision to publicly admit his homosexuality was not only significant for his personal freedom, but also a profound act of love and trust towards his partner.