Credit: Zander Murray

Zander Murray

Active professional footballer, Scottish League, campaigning against homophobia in soccer

"You can live your whole life and not be afraid of anything. If I can play a small part in the lives of the younger generations and current players to inspire them and not do what I did, then one of my life goals will have been fulfilled."

Who is he and what does he do?

Zander Murray, born November 2, 1991 in Glasgow, is a professional footballer who plays in the Scottish Professional Football League. As a striker, he has scored over 100 goals and holds the club record for most goals in a season with his former club Gala Fairydean Rovers. Murray began his soccer career at Motherwell FC and Airdrie FC Academy. In September 2022, he became the first Scottish senior footballer to come out as gay, making him the first openly gay player in Scottish soccer.

What is his personal experience of a life crisis and how did he overcome it?

Zander Murray came out in 2022 and described how being freed from the burden of keeping his sexual orientation a secret touched him deeply. He felt great relief and joy at finally being able to be free and happy. The positive reaction to his coming out not only meant a lot to him personally, but also inspired him to help others facing similar challenges. He wants to serve as a role model, especially for young footballers who are coming to terms with their sexuality.

What is his inspiration?

The fact that he had no gay role models in his youth shows him how important it is to close this gap. This experience drives him to actively act as a role model and encourage others. He wants to pave the way for future generations of athletes and help ensure that they don’t have to experience the same fears and challenges that he went through. 

Where is his favorite place in the world and why - what or who does he believe in?

Zander Murray is passionate about fighting homophobia in soccer. His favorite places are Pride events, which he sees as symbols of freedom and acceptance. These events give him a platform to spread his message while supporting a community close to his heart.

What was a special moment in his life and what did he experience with his partner?

Since coming out, Zander Murray has actively campaigned against homophobia, working with organizations such as Stonewall to promote the visibility and acceptance of LGBTQ+ people in sport. Through these activities, he has taken on a significant role in the community and sees his role as supporting and inspiring young LGBTQ+ athletes.