Diversity Dimensions – Body, Mind, Soul – Physical and mental abilities

Body, Mind, Soul – Physical and mental abilities Sometimes you can tinker something well, calculate or move well that you later do that as a hobby or even as a profession. Sometimes there are also restrictions or disabilities, so that one sits in a wheelchair or cannot do some things so well. Being sick or […]

Diversity Dimensions – Life phases

Life phases It is very important for children to be able to play, laugh, move or even be silly sometimes. This is also true for older siblings and friends who want to gain experience, and also for mom and dad. Even when they are working, they sometimes feel like being like children again – precisely […]

Diversity Dimensions – Animals, Plants, Nature

Animals, Plants, Nature We are part of nature. Water, air, earth, animals and plants have an effect on us humans. They are important for our physical, emotional and social development. They are our friends and we cannot live without them. The following definition can be found on the Internet: According to biological systematics, man (Homo […]

Diversity Dimensions – Faith, Religion & Worldview

Faith, Religion & Worldview It is nice when you get help and comfort and can recharge your batteries when you are sad. Some believe in God, Allah, Ganesha, Shiva, Mary or Buddha and many other figures. The most important thing is that you are well. You are allowed to be as you are and love […]

Diversity Dimensions – Continents, Ethnic Origin & Nationality

Continents, Ethnic Origin & Nationality We are all equally valuable. We come from Africa, Asia, Australia, Oceania, Europe, the Arctic and Antarctica, Central America, North America or South America. We sometimes have similar or different skin colors, hair, legs, arms or sizes. Sometimes we look the same or different and most of what we have […]

Diversity Dimensions – Love and Family, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identities

Love & Family, Sexual Orientation & Gender Identities In the diversity concept, sexual orientation and gender identity are often discussed and treated as one dimension. Mostly, only the so-called LGBTIQ* is talked about as a queer group. However, simply put, this is not just about “gays and lesbians.” What we already know and are familiar […]

Diversity Dimensions – Your House, Social Origin

Your house, Social origin One house gives peace and makes happy. One more house, two or three houses do not make you calmer or happier. Often it is more exhausting to take care of so many houses instead of being happy in one house. But if others can live happily in the houses, it can […]