Your House, Social Origin

One house gives peace and makes happy. One more house, two or three houses do not make you calmer or happier. Often it is more exhausting to take care of so many houses instead of being happy in one house. But if others can live happily in the houses, it can in turn make you happy too.

For a long time, it was not taken into account as it should have been from the beginning. Social background – sometimes also called social milieu – has a major influence on people’s development. Children and young people who were well and properly supported in their early years are often better able to live out and develop their potential than others from a household with fewer financial resources.

On the other hand, there can also be undesirable developments in that financially strong households maneuver young people into activities even though their talents lie in completely different fields. Perhaps they are more likely to be in social, manual or creative fields, rather than in business management or finance.

Children from a financially weaker household may be better suited, but not get a chance because of their background. Therefore, it is better to promote talent-oriented and independent of social origin.

Statistics show that social origin still has a strong influence on educational and labor market opportunities. Resources such as networks, assets, education or social power are not accessible to all. As a result, many people do not achieve a place appropriate to their talents and abilities. As a result, many important potentials and resources are lost to the world of work.

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