It's called "competencies"

What are sometimes referred to as diversity competencies are actually skills that we should be taught as children – self-awareness, team spirit, being able to think about things (reflectiveness), being able to deal loosely with contradictions and frustration (ambiguity tolerance), curiosity and compassion (empathy), and being able to set good boundaries.

However, we can always learn and implement it. There is no right or wrong time to do it, and no too late. An “I’m ok, you’re ok” is achievable for anyone and everyone. Or you manage to celebrate diversity and use it as a resource for yourself.

It is a relief and a release when you can deal with other people in a relaxed manner. In real life, however, things are often disharmonious – and that’s perfectly normal. Once you acknowledge this reality, you can use the freed-up energy for your own life or that of your family, friends or for activities that are important to you.

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