Let's be honest

Diversity is something wonderful and carries an infinite number of possible solutions and opportunities, but you also have to be honest, sometimes you want to close the door behind you and have your peace.

As with everything, it’s a question of dose. The topic of diversity can also be overwhelming and sometimes annoying. Then it is important to know that you can also take a back seat, set limits and that this has nothing to do with excluding others.

It is not necessary to praise diversity to the skies, but rather to be authentic and to make the most of the opportunities offered by differences and similarities. A critical examination of things and a healthy skepticism are just as important as creativity and confidence in order to act meaningfully as well as fun and effectively.

Remember, your problems are important and you are not alone in them. Others have had other problems or even experiences of discrimination and yet you had to go through something similar and felt the same way or thought similarly. That’s what connects us, and that’s why it’s helpful to think beyond yourself and your own problems.

Last but not least, an important tip: Don’t take yourself or others too seriously. Have fun with it. Also, look at the whole thing as a game sometimes and if you get stuck or it gets to be too much, just give yourself a healthy distance from things.

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