What we fail at

It is absolutely up to each and everyone what he or she thinks and feels. No one can tell anyone else what to think and feel. It is what it is at that moment.

You can go through life skeptical and negative. This may have the advantage of being prepared when disappointment threatens. However, for one’s own happiness in life and that of others, it is a little more difficult to think this way.

Positive predictions are part of it and provide balance. Shaping your life with predominantly positive thinking increases your health and happiness in life – provided you have the maturity to cope with disappointment.

Other “killers” of joy and happiness in life are comparisons. If you compare yourself to the better-off colleague, the better-off sister, or whomever, you have the perfect guide for being unhappy.

Likewise, you are not to blame for everything that didn’t go well. Just as others are not to blame for everything that goes or has gone wrong with them. The best way is to become independent and think about how to stay independent and what you can do to get into activity.

Experiencing the variety of opinions is sometimes difficult to endure. On the other hand, it is a source of inspiration, growth, and possibilities and opportunities. Nothing develops by thinking only black or only white. Reality, solutions, possible combinations and, above all, realistic expectations are fed by thinking in nuances.

What I know is good. Patterns of familiar things help you get your bearings. I know my way around this place, so I feel comfortable. I have created something or received something and I want to preserve it as best I can. So far so good.

At times, there are familiar things that can inhibit you. Maybe I do want to change places and don’t dare, or I’m too attached to what I have and avoid pursuing a desire I actually have.

Patterns, templates and familiar things are therefore helpful, but can also inhibit and may be changed.

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