What do we learn from soap bubbles?

Every emotion and every thought has a reason. If you can figure it out and translate it, a new world opens up for you – with tons of possibilities, certainties and securities.

Let’s take the interesting image of soap bubbles. You can watch them, with what ease they float away, to burst after some time. It reminds us of our childhood, the world of thoughts and emotions. They are fleeting events that come and go.

Unfortunately, it is the same with positive thoughts and emotions. The good news is – we can be grateful for it – to be able to experience something positive in life. Another piece of good news is that coming and going also applies to negative thoughts and emotions. It is sometimes not easy to let go of them – especially if they happened in childhood and adolescence. What’s done is done. It can’t be undone.

What you have in your own hands? You can decide for yourself to become active and take your life into your own hands, accept what you have experienced and let it go now or with time. You may add to the life you know or start a new life.

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