Body, Mind, Soul – Physical and mental abilities

Sometimes you can tinker something well, calculate or move well that you later do that as a hobby or even as a profession. Sometimes there are also restrictions or disabilities, so that one sits in a wheelchair or cannot do some things so well.

Being sick or not being able to go on is as much a part of life as being healthy and being able to do something. You can always try to take care of your well-being or take care of yourself and others as well. In any case, you can always try to make the best of the situation.

People who are physically or mentally handicapped are often reduced to that. The focus is then not on their abilities, but only on the impairment. It would be better to focus more on the potential and possibilities in addition to the inclusion – for example of a chronic illness or disability. Likewise, giftedness should not be a reason for exclusion, but rather an appropriate use of talents for the benefit of as many people as possible.

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