What do we learn from soap bubbles? – Emotions and thoughts

What do we learn from soap bubbles? Every emotion and every thought has a reason. If you can figure it out and translate it, a new world opens up for you – with tons of possibilities, certainties and securities. Let’s take the interesting image of soap bubbles. You can watch them, with what ease they […]

It’s called “competencies” – Diversity skills

It’s called “competencies” What are sometimes referred to as diversity competencies are actually skills that we should be taught as children – self-awareness, team spirit, being able to think about things (reflectiveness), being able to deal loosely with contradictions and frustration (ambiguity tolerance), curiosity and compassion (empathy), and being able to set good boundaries. However, […]

What we fail at – Difficulties with diversity

What we fail at It is absolutely up to each and everyone what he or she thinks and feels. No one can tell anyone else what to think and feel. It is what it is at that moment. You can go through life skeptical and negative. This may have the advantage of being prepared when […]

Let’s be honest – Introduction to diversity

Let’s be honest Diversity is something wonderful and carries an infinite number of possible solutions and opportunities, but you also have to be honest, sometimes you want to close the door behind you and have your peace. As with everything, it’s a question of dose. The topic of diversity can also be overwhelming and sometimes […]